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Improve Your Performance With Some Online Betting Tips

When it comes to sports betting, it can often be hard to narrow down a winner with all the different betting options & markets to choose from. This article was written to offer a few general online betting tips, to help you minimize your mistakes & losses. We go over both single & combo betting tips, so no matter your betting style, you may learn something new that you can add to your betting strategy.

Quick Tips

  • Use different bookmakers to ensure you always get the best odds and the most value.
  • Be selective of when you bet
  • Learn to do your own research
  • Focus on sports you know
  • Never risk more than you can afford to lose.
  • Develop & stick to a bankroll management strategy so you know how much to stake

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Single Betting Tips

A single bet is perhaps the most common type of online betting tips to start with. It involves one bet, on one selection. If your selection loses, your bet loses. If your selection wins, then your bet wins. This simpler style of betting is ideal, as you don’t need a lot of events to win, unlike with combo/multi bets.

One of the most important single betting tips is to shop around for the best odds. There are so many choices of solid bookmakers to choose from. Anyone serious about betting, should always be looking at the different lines each bookmaker offers. An example, at sportsbook A you can pick Chelsea to win their next match at odds of 1.85. While at sportsbook B, you may find you can lock in your bet for Chelsea to win at odds of 2.05. The second option will net you more return and provides more value.

One of the most overlooked online betting tips is to do your own research. While there is always the option to get paid betting tips, if you learn how to do proper research, then you will gain more insights into different events, as well as form a stronger betting strategy. You can head on over to our Betting Resources page to find the different sites we use for statistical analysis.

One of the most popular and easiest to use sites is called Sofascore. This handy website lets anyone check upcoming & historical game information. Find out recent news, a team’s history, current rank in their league, upcoming matches, game statistics and much more. This information is vital in gaining a good understanding of a team’s current form and can help you to make a better-informed decision when placing your next bet.

One lesson that we’ve learned the hard way in the past, is to be selective of when you bet. If you bet on European football and the majority of the matches are over the weekend, then that’s the time you should be active and focusing your bets on.

If you open your sportsbook on a Tuesday or a Wednesday and start looking for action in sports & leagues that you’re not familiar with, then this could result in poorer performance. Once you understand a new sport, the rules, the teams, betting markets, etc. Then you will have a much better chance of picking some winners.

This is a general betting tip, that applies to all bets that you make. Learn about bankroll management and stake sizes. By following a bankroll management strategy, you are in control of how much you bet per game, and therefore the overall risk you’re willing to allow.

There are different types of money management that you can follow. To start safely, set your stake sizes at 1-2% of your total betting bankroll. While this may seem extra conservative, it’s better to be safe than sorry, and following a system like this will allow you to bet on more events in the long run.

online betting tips

Value Betting Tips

In this section, we will go over some online betting tips that focus on value. This is one of our favorite types of bets. The amount & type of value offered can vary between sportsbooks. One of the most common value bets is when you find favorable odds on your selection. By using multiple bookmakers, you can lock in the best odds available and gain some extra value for no additional effort.

Our second value betting tip is for the more regular punters. If you have a particular market that’s a heavy favorite in your betting technique, then this is for you. We love trying to spot the games where there will be action and one of our preferred markets is ‘Over 2.5 goals’. We have been betting this market for quite a while now, and over time we have gradually become aware of certain teams, that will score more than 2.5 goals in most of their matches.

Now the odds for selections like this can often be quite low, however when you’re aware of a team that can regularly beat a line and the payout offers a decent profit, then this is an excellent chance to place a value bet and lock in some more profits for your bankroll.

After betting markets are opened, people around the world place wagers on their selections. This causes the price of odds to fluctuate based on market movements. On the most popular sportsbooks, this movement will usually be quick and hard to take advantage of.

If you time it right and look at alternative bookmakers, you can lock in some great value if you find over-priced odds, letting you get more return, for the same size stake. One of our recommended bookies, 20Bet has been offering some fantastic odds lately and this great for all the value bet hunters out there.

Over Betting Tips

As mentioned earlier in the article, this is one of our favorite betting markets. We will share some online betting tips for the over goals market. This can help you gain more insights into this action-packed style of betting.

At most bookmakers, the main over goals line is usually set at 2.5. This means the total amount of goals in the match needs to be at least 3. Nearly all sports betting sites will offer an alternative line. This is great if you know which matches will be full of action, and some attractive odds can be found.

Firstly, we recommend sticking to the main overs line when starting. While it may be tempting to pick over 5.5 goals @ odds of 12, this type of event is not too common, and would be considered a risky bet. By sticking to the mainline that’s offered, you can have a general mark by which you can research & determine which games meet your criteria.

Checking the recent game history and team line ups are some of the most important over betting tips we suggest. Due diligence is key when learning to place winning sports bets. Sofascore is our favorite statistics site, they offer an easy to use layout with a wealth of information available. You can select your match, then backtrack and see how many goals they had in their recent matches, as well as in their last Head 2 Head meetings.

This information can help you to paint a picture of the teams’ current form, as well as their previous meetings with the upcoming team. From there you can make a better-informed decision, as to whether you feel they can play a game with more than 2.5 goals being scored.

As a general rule of thumb, if the team has scored over 2.5 goals in 3 of their last 5 matches, then we will look at that as a possible bet.

corners betting football

Corners Betting Tips

Sometimes you might find it more beneficial to focus on other betting markets. You can follow our corners betting tips to see a different style. A corner is given when the defending team puts the ball out behind their goal line. Most commonly, the team with the most attacking power will generate the most corners.

The main statistic sites, like Sofascore, allow you to research game history and see the number of corners each team had in their previous matches. By going over this information, you can gain a better understanding of each team’s ability to get a corner.

One of our top online betting tips for corners, is to try and not focus on the large alternative lines. At some sportsbooks, you can bet on a total of over 18 corners, this line is extremely big, and it’s very uncommon for a football matches to result in this many corners. While the odds for these selections are very attractive, often reaching the mid-double digits, they represent a low possibility of winning, and shouldn’t be the main feature in your corner betting strategy.

Picking the right game is the most important part of winning corner bets. In a very one-sided game, the favorite team will often get the bulk of the corners, with the lower team sometimes not even getting one. While games like this may seem like the perfect choice, with the corners being so one-sided, the overall total may not reach your target.

Games, where two teams are very strong in attack, are often better choices. If you follow team news, and you see that a defender on the underdog team is out with an injury, then this could also represent an opportunity for more corners.

There are two types of corner bets you can make. Pre game and Live. Some of the best corner betting opportunities we’ve found have been during live games. A classic example we’ve seen is if a strong favorite team is down at halftime. This usually results in them pushing very hard in the second half. The winning team usually tries to hold on to their win, and will often opt to put the ball out for a corner while defending the goal vigorously. It’s always best to watch the match live when betting, that way it’s easy to get an idea of which team is stronger, and take advantage of unique game opportunties.

Combo Betting Tips

During our years of betting, we’ve picked up a few combo betting tips that we can share here. The first one is quite simple and is often overlooked by people, including ourselves at times.

The more selections/legs your combo bet has, the less chance it has of winning. If you’re constantly picking over 10 selections in your multi bets, it could be a long time before you get lucky and hit a winner. By placing multi bets that have fewer selections, you stand a much better chance of winning a bet.

Focus on sports that you’re knowledgeable on. Of course, you can always just pick random selections from different sports and pray to get lucky, but we would not advise this. If you stick to the sports you know, then you will have much more confidence in picking your selections. Stay on top of team news & study their recent performance when making your selections.

Start small and don’t risk too much. The bookmakers love combo bets because the majority of them don’t win, generating more profit for their business. When starting, never risk more than you can afford to lose and follow your bankroll management strategy.

By staying up to date on your the main sports you follow, not risking too much and not making your combo bets to big, you can have a fun time trying to chase down some bigger odds.

Paid Betting Tips

There are many different people & services out there that will offer paid betting tips. Some of these can be great, and they have successful win rates to prove that. But you must be prepared to do thorough research to ensure they are trustworthy and make sure that their betting tips align with your betting strategy.

SportsCapping is one service that we’ve found online and they seem to offer some great online betting tips for their members. Gridiron gold is another one, with a more specific focus on US sporting events. While it may be tempting to jump straight in and get as many paid betting tips as possible, we feel it’s a better decision to learn how to do your research first, so you can understand the process and come to your better conclusions.

Adding a paid online betting tips service to your strategy down the track is a better idea, as you can learn slowly first while developing your own techniques, then look at different providers and see which will best suit you.

Final Thoughts

There are 1000’s of different sites on the web that offer various kinds of online betting tips. This short article was written to get across a few tips that we’ve discovered during our time betting. Everyone’s story is different, and what works for one person, might not work as well for the next.

Always keep an open mind and be willing to learn as much as you can about different betting tips. As time goes on, you will get more confident and learn many things along the way that will help your betting strategy in the long run. Feel free to comment below if you wish to share any of your online betting tips with us.