Texas Holdem Odds and Outs

In the Poker variant known as Texas Hold ‘Em it’s very important to consider what the chances are of you improving your hand after the flop is dealt. If you have a poor starting hand, you will need to consider what cards can come on the turn & river, that could give you the best possible hand and more chances of winning.

These cards are known as your ‘Outs’. The odds, when compared to the ratio of the size of bet to the size of the pot, are known as Pot Odds. The pot odds are a good indicator to help decide what betting action should be taken next.

We have provided a table below of how many outs you have & the percentage chance that they you will hit them on the turn or river. To work out how many outs you have, you add the numbers of cards up that are visible (eg. 2 spades on the flop & 2 spades in the hand = 4 spades.

The first step is to calculate the number of outs you have left. E.g. If you have 2 spades in your hand & there are 2 spades on the flop,then there are 4 spades in play out of 13 spade cards in the deck. To calculate the percentage chance that the next card will be one of your outs, you take the number of outs left and multiply it by two. E.g. 9 x 2 = 18. In this scenario there’s an 18% chance the next card will be one of your outs.

It’s very hard to remember all of the exact numbers when your caught up in the action of card games. This table can be a helpful guide for learning. The table displays the probability & odds of making a hand on the turn or river, based on how many outs you have.

Holdem Odds & Outs