premier league betting

Football or “Soccer” is probably the most popular sport in the world. It combines skill, chance and raw emotion in a way few sports do. But what is the most popular league in the world? England’s Premier League without doubt. This league captures interest from fans all over the world. There’s no doubt it’s the most watched and generates the most revenue. In this article, we’re going to explain four reasons why betting on the Premier League is popular.

premier league betting

More Information

There is so much information on the Premier League it’s crazy. How many channels have pundits and news dedicated to the premier league? YouTube has thousands of channels dedicated to the English league. All this information is readily available to sports bettors. They know they can access tips and insights from so many places; TV, podcasts, football tipsters, YouTube and newspapers to name a few. Information is power and there’s a lot of information to absorb with betting tips.

Bookie’s Special Offers

If you walk down any high-street with bookmakers on it, I guarantee that you’ll see incentives on Premier League betting. The windows are adorned with pictures and special offers to entice you in. Sports bettors love special offers as it’s seen as potentially easy money. Once you sign up with a bookie like Betfair, you’re going to stay with them for a while and see what they offer. This is an effective way to get new customers. The special offers available for Premier League bettors is another reason why betting on it is so popular. They offer lucrative odds not available in other sports.

Countless Betting Opportunities

Unlike some events, where betting is restricted to outcomes. Football and the Premier League has dozens of things to bet on. You’re not limited to who will win or what the score will be. You can bet on so many different things that we can’t possibly do it justice listing all the bet types here. Suffice to say this level of opportunity to bet resonates well with fans and sports bettors in the UK. They can take punts on their favourite player scoring or how many corners. It increases adrenaline and excitements and gives fans more to get thrilled about.

The Accumulators

What sports-bettor doesn’t like an accumulator? I’ve seen stories of the accumulators won by fans of the Premier League and their all amazing to read. The accumulators are definitely one of the big USP to betting on the Premier League. Some people won’t go a weekend without putting one on. They are just a bit of fun and people usually only invest a small amount, but these recreational gamblers are a big part of the sports-betting industry. Accumulators are like playing the lottery, risking barely anything to win loads. This has mass appeal and something football fans love.