Betting Resources & Tools

Welcome to our betting resources page. We go over different sites and betting tools that are available. The sites we list below are all different, and each provide a unique way to gain more knowledge and data to help with your sports betting strategy.

Most of the tools & resources that we look over are free. This is great as it doesn’t require any investment and you can use the sites anytime you need. We bookmarked all of them for easy access and it comes in handy when we want to do some research into a sports event and make a well informed decision when you bet at your sportsbook.


AccuScore is ‘Sports Simulation’ company that uses a simulation model to determine possible outcomes of sports events. Their system uses player’s past performance and compares it with data for the up coming match (eg. weather, location, coaches & more). The data is run over 10,000 times, to determine what the most probable outcome is.

They cover all the major USA sporting events as well as the top 10 soccer leagues. The site features an impressive layout with a wealth of statistical data, mainly relating to game predictions & individual player stats. This allows anyone to compare a players performance against another from the same league. This data is extremely useful in the hands of the right sports bettor.

While this betting tool isn’t free, it does come with a 7 day free trial. It’s worth checking out to see if this tool can be used with your betting strategy.accuscore

Action Network

The Action Network is a relatively new company that has exploded in popularity. They created a unique mobile app that’s available for Android and iPhone/iPad devices. Users can stay on top of their action with free access to sports results & data, news and betting odds. Members that sign up to their premium plan get access to betting market movements, expert guides that provide news & analysis on sports events, projected spreads, exclusive betting data & more.

The insights that punters can gather from using their wealth of data is incredible. The beautifully designed app is simple to use and is customizable to create a truly unique betting experience. Get notifications for your favorite leagues, teams & players. Monitor betting odds and see where the public money is going. Add your bets and keep track of your performance. This app helps you become more accountable for your betting and allows everyone to stay on top of their data.

The Action Network is available via their website, or from the Google Play or iStore app. Anyone can register for free and receive access to news, odds and more. When you sign up to their paid plan, all users get a 7 day free trial, to test out the network and see if it’s for them. After the free trial, pricing is $9.99/Monthly or $7.99/Month (Billed Annually)

action network betting app

Betfair Hub

Betfair is well established sportsbook that has a strong presence in the EU & UK markets. The Australian arm of their company has presented punters with an array of fantastic betting resources, called The Hub. Sports bettors from around the world can access this for free and gain crucial insights to sports events, betting markets, horse races & more.

The company has access to a wealth of data thanks to their sportsbooks and sports betting exchange. This data has been organized and prepared into analysis’s and reports that are easy to understand and can provide some excellent insights that many people may have missed. Gaining access to as much information as possible can help players make the best decisions possible and aim to win more bets.

While The Hub is available on the Australian site, it’s important to note that they offer analysis, reports, news & stats for sports events from all over the world. So we recommended playing around on the site and seeing how it can help with your betting strategy.

betfair hub

Covers Print Sheets is a popular online sports website. They cover all sport’s events and offer analysis, picks, insights, news and a community forum. The site is popular with sports bettors from many countries around the world and is a great betting resources tool.

One handy resource that is unique to other websites on our resources list, is their Print Sheets. They offer the latest game stats for NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAAF, NCAAB, Nascar, WNBA, AFL & CFL. These print sheets display all the key statistics between teams in major sporting events, allowing clever punters to research the statistics and use the data to make informed sports picks.

covers sports stats print sheets

Pinnacle Betting Tools

Pinnacle is a large company that’s well established in the online gaming & sports betting indutries. They offer some great free betting resources from their website. They offer betting calculators to help you work out your bet stakes & returns. An odds converter calculator to help differentiate between odds. An arbitrage calculator to help you find profitable betting opportunities across different sports books. As well as a margin calculator, to see how much a bookmaker is charging you, and helping you to find the best value sportsbook to bet with.

All the tools on Pinnacle are free to use and provide immense value for anyone looking to gain more knowledge and improve their sports betting strategies.

pinnacle betting resources

Rowdie Football Predictions

We all love the feeling of winning our sports bets, but sometimes we might find our performance isn’t going to good. This is where football betting tip sites come in handy. They offer everyday punters the opportunity to follow expert football tipsters and place the same bets. Most tipsters are pros who have been in the game for years, and if you’re new to betting, then signing up at a betting tip site can be a good idea to get started and learn more. We found Rowdie’s Predictions to be a really helpful site this year.

football predictions

Soccerway Statistics

Another great tool that is  one of the most popular free betting resources, is called Soccerway. Similar to sofascore, this site displays a wealth of statisical data for free. However, it is limited to just Soccer. This is great for all the football betting punters out there. As the site has a primmary focus on soccer, they provide a lot more in-depth data on players, leagues & matches than sofascore does usually.

A great excample of the depth of their data, is when you look into the stats for individual games. You can see how many times teams score in the 1st and 2nd half, as well as the average time of goals and more. This deep data is perfect for the seasoned soccer bettors around the world, and this free betting tool is a fantastic one to keep in the arsenal.


Sofascore Statistics

Sofascore is one of the most popular sports statistics sites operating on the net. They have been around for a long time and developed a unique site & app that displays scores & stats for all major sports around the world. The site is one of our favorite betting resources and we have used Sofascore in the past to find scores, game history, up coming matches and even betting market movements.

The sports that they currently cover are: Football, Tennis, Basketball, Hockey, Volleyball, Handball, Motorsport, Cricket, Rugby, American Football, Baseball, Badmington, Darts, Futsal, Waterpolo, Aussie Rules, Snooker, Floorball, Bandy, Table Tennis & Beach Volleyball.

Perhaps the most unique & useful section of their site is called ‘Dropping Odds’. This is a handy page that displays a range of different sport matches and the movement (drop) in odds over the last few days. This can be caused by news, player injuries or large amount of wagers being placed. This free data is really helpful, as it presents you with insights to certain sport events that are receiving action. and allows anyone to analyse the match further and consider if it’s worth betting on.

The best thing about Sofascore is the fact that it’s free! This amazing betting tool is definitely worth bookmarking in your web browser and comes in handy no matter what style of sports bettor you may be.

sofascore sports statistics