Sports Betting Malaysia

Sports Betting Malaysia

Millions of people from all around the globe love to tune in and watch their favorite sporting events each week. In South East Asia there are a large number of people looking for sports betting Malaysia. The country has a few licensed land-based casinos, which are quite popular among the tourists. However, it’s important to note that the majority of their country can’t gamble at these establishments, due to strict Sharia laws enforced on the Muslim population. Online betting has flourished throughout the region with many people enjoying reliable and trustworthy sites like Bodog88 for sports betting in Malaysia.

The Betting Act 1953

Malaysia is a predominantly Muslim country located above Indonesia & below Thailand. The main law that relates to gambling in the country is called The Betting Act (1953). This regulation has been amended numerous times since it was put in place, most recently in 2006.

The Betting Act covers many different topics and can enforce penalties of up to 5,000 Ringgit or 6 months imprisonment and much stricter penalties for those operating illegal gambling businesses. There are many forms of gaming that are allowed under the act, most notably approved/licensed operators (land-based casinos), lottery and horse racing. The vast majority of these laws target unregistered & unlicensed operators. So these laws aren’t as applicable for overseas licensed operators.

The betting act (1953) is primarily focused on Betting Houses and Gaming-houses, which are popular offline establishments set up to take bets and allow gambling, but they are illegal and unregulated. These regulations are in place so the government can try and limit the places people can bet in public. It’s wise to remember that this form of regulation rarely target those seeking online gaming options.

Malaysia Sports Betting

The majority of these rules apply to the non-Muslim portion of the country’s population. Under Islamic law, Muslim’s can’t participate in gambling activities. The penalties for breaching these rules can be quite strict and differ widely from common laws in place in most countries around the world.

As the majority of Malaysia’s population isn’t allowed to partake in sports betting and other gambling activities, it’s common for there to be unrest & protests surrounding these topics. It’s important to note that this isn’t quite the case for online gambling. People in Malaysia can still use overseas gambling sites from the comfort of their own home. One great site that caters to this market is Bodog88, they accept players from Malaysia and offer sports betting as well as an online casino and poker room.

Virtual Private Network

If you’re looking to get involved in sports betting Malaysia and are concerned about your privacy, using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) could be an ideal solution for you. A VPN provider allows you to protect your data by encrypting your internet connection. This can add a layer of protection, so your Internet Service Provider and any authorities can’t see access your data. One of the most trusted brands is called NordVPN and they have a fantastic global reputation.

Sports Betting In Malaysia

Malaysian Sporting Leagues

The majority of overseas licensed bookmakers have attractive odds and betting markets for Malaysia’s main sporting events. If you’re a football fan you can find great options for the Malaysia Super League (Liga Super Malaysia), Malaysia Premier League (Liga Perdana Malaysia) and Malaysia Cup (Piala Malaysia). Popular Asian Basketball leagues such as the ABL (Asean Basketball League) and Malaysian Basketball Association (MABA) are also covered and allow for some great sports betting options.

Digital Currency

Thanks to advances in the internet & the adoption of digital currency, players no longer need to rely on traditional banking options for sports betting Malaysia. This quick & transparent form of transaction is ideal for getting your funds onto a sportsbook so you can start betting. There are many trusted online sportsbooks that accept bitcoin as a deposit & withdrawal method and they accept players from all over the world. Feel free to browse our site to see the different ones available.

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