manny pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao Aims To Eliminate Illegal Match Fixing In Philippines

Manny Pacquiao isn’t going to stand by and let match fixing continue in the Philippines Basketball League (PBA).  The legendary fighter from the Phillipines is the only boxer in history to win twelve world titles across eight different weight divisions and he plans to use his strength from the ring and now the senate office to combat those bringing a bad name to sports in the country.

Manny has been a loyal fan of basketball and recently founded the Maharlika Pilipinas Basketball League (MPBL). His contributions to the sport are going a long way. He recently had a meeting with Ricky Vargas, the chairman of the Philippine Basketball Association and Willie Marcial, the PBA league commissioner to discuss tactics on how to keep match-fixing out of basketball in the Philippines.

manny pacquiao

The owner of the Bacoor Strikers was also present at the meeting. Chaye Cabal-Revilla told Fox Sports Philippines “It’s a collaboration between MPBL and PBA that they are not competing leagues. Both leagues have the same objective of promoting basketball as a sport to develop athletes, provide livelihood to the players, coaches, staff and their families. But we’re also coordinating and sharing info to help fight the issue of game-fixing.”

The leagues will be keeping a much closer eye on the statistics to try and spot unusual patterns that could occur from fixed match betting. As they are now communicating it will be easier to move forward, knowing that all parties are on the same page and prepared to work together to eliminate match fixing from the sport.